30 Mei 2014

Montessori spiders

I’m a daddy long legs,
But my feet are the size of pegs.
I’d like to eat a wasp or bee,
Because that is so plainly me.
I would like to get a docket,
And fly up to space in a rocket.
I’d fly away to the stars,
Then to the moon and Mars.

That’s what I’d like to really do,
But if you measure me in millimetres I’m only one by two.
Even if I were taller I couldn’t do that,
I’d probably get eaten by a space cat.

To fly to space would be my dream,
But some dreams are not what they seem.
So I guess I’ll have to stay on earth,
Where I’ve been since my birth.

By Cassie

A Spider sewed at Night
Without a Light
Upon an Arc of White
If Ruff it was of Dame
Or Shroud of Gnome
Himself himself inform.
Of Immortality
His Strategy
Was Physiognomy.

Emily Dickinson

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