19 September 2014

Walks in the rain

When it rains - the temptation is always there to stay snug inside, especially when it is SO cold as this last hiccup of winter was yesterday. There are a lot of things to do inside on a cold day, but somehow being outside is always nicer.

We floated leaf boats down the gutter - with accompanying "weeee" sounds. I, in my "lets be more efficient" mode, wanted to run inside to find a better boat - a paper or plastic one - but then checked myself. Who needs paper or plastic when there are loads of leaves just waiting to be floated?
Why spoil the moment.

We wandered. Down to main road, and then back up.

 Around the corner joining tannie Corrie's house to that of die gaskunstenaar. Sadness here. She had a fall a few weeks back, and her children (and she herself) finally had to accept that she can't live alone any more. They have booked her into an old age home a few times, and she booked herself out again. It took a fall and pain and humiliation for all to realize that. And a savior - a kind neighbor with open eyes and a helping hand.

To the other side of Sering,through great puddles of water where raindrops make fish eyes that pop on the surface.

A very good place to practice reading. Kyk mamma, die T se arms val af.
Square manhole covers 

Exploring nests - bee's, and fairy's.
This is the stuff of life.
The journey.

Every now and again I need a rainy day adventure to remind me.

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