04 April 2017

Loop in Kaapstad

Cape Town


Wondered about tails on cocks and soapy feathers

Window shopped the local cuisine and ate the holes of pretzel bread

Got shoelaces untied on Malawian chairs. Which Catherine brought down from R550 to R300 JUST for us. Who wouldn't feel special.

Ran from pushy sellers in Green Market Square
Contemplated tin art in the midst of whiffs of urine from the gutter

Tried to decipher secret codes on shop steps

And made a wondrous discovery of a HUGE music store with WALLS plated with guitars and ISLES filled with keyboards. Ryan overruled PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH and let us try them out - and even understood Vincent's big problem of plectrums falling into guitar bellies. ''That is a problem, Bru'". He showed Vincent how to hold the plectrum properly- and didn't laugh out loud at his puzzled discovery that an electrical guitar doesn't sound like much without an amp.

As if the day wasn't good enough already - we Merrily Popped In and managed to get half a wardrobe full of winter clothes for R300 in Bree St
- AND Julia Donaldson's whole collection on audio book for R260. Which took us through the 5 o' clock traffic all the way home - and right through to bed time.

 I would be so bold as to say  that this was a pretty good day.

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marti van den dool het gesê...

Dit klink vir my soos n super duper fun filled memory making dag!