Opgedra aan almal wat vir ons lief is. Die wat nie spesifiek vir ons lief is nie, mag ook maar kyk.

04 April 2017

Loop in Kaapstad

Cape Town


                                  Wondered about tails on cocks and soapy feathers                                                                        

           Window shopped the local cuisine and ate the holes of                  pretzel bread

                            Got shoelaces untied on Malawian chairs. Which Cathrine brought down
                                            from R550 to R300 JUST for us. Who wouldn't feel special.

                                             Ran from pushy sellers in Green Market Square
                                  Contemplated tin art in the midst of whiffs of urine from the gutter

                                              Tried to decipher secret codes on shop steps

And made a wondrous discovery of a HUGE music store with WALLS plated with guitars and ISLES filled with keyboards. Ryan overruled PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH and let us try them out - and even understood Vincent's big problem of plectrums falling into guitar bellies. ''That is a problem, Bru'". He showed Vincent how to hold the plectrum properly- and didn't laugh out loud at his puzzled discovery that an electrical guitar doesn't sound like much without an amp.

As if the day wasn't good enough already - we Merrily Popped In and managed to get half a wardrobe full of winter clothes for R300 in Bree St
- AND Julia Donaldson's whole collection on audio book for R260. Which took us through the 5 o' clock traffic all the way home - and right through to bed time.

                                    I would be so bold as to say  that this was a pretty good day.

29 November 2016

Energy must be channeled to radiate light. For energy misdirected can lead to things far more destructive than darkness.

18 Mei 2015

Hearts on the shore

I walk with you along the sea
Past letters in the sand
I (insert heart) U
Mamma, sal jy my help om harte te teken? 
So we practise
On the sand where the waves will soon cover it
And we play hopscotch and draw tracks with long pieces of bamboo
And I skim stones, trying to coax you closer to the water, because you fear it at the moment and won't go anywhere near. 
And I was so proud of you when we ended up walking through the shallow water in the end. 
When we sat and watched a little boy on his surfboard, you sighed wistfully and voiced the wish to surf like that someday.
I hope you do. I hope you don't stay scared. 
It is awesome. 
 I struggle with your fears, especially with water - because I love it. And I want you to too. 
I want you to run and splash, dive and surf, know how to have respect for the ocean but to discover how to harness its power to have fun with it. 

But for now we will draw hearts on the shore
The sea will soon cover it. 
But we will always remember
I will 
I hope you do too  

Stella word 4


Jou maats raak almal 4

Een van die dae is dit jou beurt.

Jy hou van partytjies.

Stella is jou maatjie wat al van Tjokkerland af saam met jou kom - hulle woon op 'n plaas in 'n werkershuisie - 'n gesellige klein huisie. Sy is 'n lekker wilde kind, 'n plaasmeisie wat hoenders jaag (tot haar  ouers se ontsteltenis). Die eerste keer wat ons by haar gekuier het, het sy probeer om jou sover te kry om van 'n kas af op haar bed te spring. Ek dink nie jy wou nie, maar sy het jou hand gevat en jou probeer optrek. En toe voeter sy van die kas af. Ons het net 'n groot val gehoor, en moes kom trane afvee. Xenia het 'n reel gemaak dat daar nie meer van kaste af gespring mag word nie, maar ek het gedink dit was nogal cool.

Sy het laasweek 4 geword. Met 'n pienk koek wat Xenia self gemaak het - wortelkoek - waaraan niemand van julle gewoond was nie. Estienne het saam met julle gaan grenadella's jag - en die meeste pret was ook om binne op Stella en Sebastian se beddens rond te spring.
Jy het so smart gelyk met jou waterbootse en pappa se hollandse keppie. Ek wens ek het 'n foto geneem toe jy met die trappe afgestap het.

Beautiful places

          I hope we never get too old or to clingy to our comforts to go for a run in the mountains
          if we do
          i hope we are always able to find the mountains in us
          to climb
          to find some challenge to overcome, some high plato where there is a beautiful view
          something that will take our breaths away.

19 September 2014

Walks in the rain

When it rains - the temptation is always there to stay snug inside, especially when it is SO cold as this last hiccup of winter was yesterday. There are a lot of things to do inside on a cold day, but somehow being outside is always nicer.

We floated leaf boats down the gutter - with accompanying "weeee" sounds. I, in my "lets be more efficient" mode, wanted to run inside to find a better boat - a paper or plastic one - but then checked myself. Who needs paper or plastic when there are loads of leaves just waiting to be floated?
Why spoil the moment.

We wandered. Down to main road, and then back up.

 Around the corner joining tannie Corrie's house to that of die gaskunstenaar. Sadness here. She had a fall a few weeks back, and her children (and she herself) finally had to accept that she can't live alone any more. They have booked her into an old age home a few times, and she booked herself out again. It took a fall and pain and humiliation for all to realize that. And a savior - a kind neighbor with open eyes and a helping hand.

To the other side of Sering,through great puddles of water where raindrops make fish eyes that pop on the surface.

A very good place to practice reading. Kyk mamma, die T se arms val af.
Square manhole covers 

Exploring nests - bee's, and fairy's.
This is the stuff of life.
The journey.

Every now and again I need a rainy day adventure to remind me.

The wait

"But I'll kneel down,
Wait for now
And I'll kneel down,
Know my ground
And I will wait, I will wait for you"
                                                            - Mumford & Sons

I was thinking of parents who have to watch their children walk wide circles to find themselves - out of safe boundries, through deep valleys where their loved ones can't follow.
I was thinking of parents whose children go to war - against another country, or against themselves.
The wait can be years
Or it can be a moment (and such moments are not bound by time)

In which we don't pursue an answer or give one that is ours
but kneel down in our spirits and wait

28 Augustus 2014


Vrugtestukkies is baie goed vir letters en syfers leer

Was dit nou weer vis, of donkietande? 

                                                   Bernard Beer gaat naar het Suide

                                                              'n tang....


Mamma, ek wil swaai. Dan swaai ons. En niemand mag tel wanneer ons moet ophou nie.