18 Mei 2015

Hearts on the shore

I walk with you along the sea
Past letters in the sand
I (insert heart) U
Mamma, sal jy my help om harte te teken? 
So we practise
On the sand where the waves will soon cover it
And we play hopscotch and draw tracks with long pieces of bamboo
And I skim stones, trying to coax you closer to the water, because you fear it at the moment and won't go anywhere near. 
And I was so proud of you when we ended up walking through the shallow water in the end. 
When we sat and watched a little boy on his surfboard, you sighed wistfully and voiced the wish to surf like that someday.
I hope you do. I hope you don't stay scared. 
It is awesome. 
 I struggle with your fears, especially with water - because I love it. And I want you to too. 
I want you to run and splash, dive and surf, know how to have respect for the ocean but to discover how to harness its power to have fun with it. 

But for now we will draw hearts on the shore
The sea will soon cover it. 
But we will always remember
I will 
I hope you do too  

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