05 September 2010

And the old established, still edibles

Asparagus - I thouht they died of wet feet when the plants started going down in winter, and then I read they do that and I should just cut them back. I had already dug up half the plants before I read that, so I replanted them. What amazing root systems they have! I was very tempted to harvest the little spears when they started coming up shortly afterwards, but the book says don't do it in the first year, only start harvesting the next. So that part of the tunnel is slowly turning into an asparagus forrest. Much to the cat's delight.

Tomatoes - all from last season's old tomatoes that fell on the ground and rotted there. Guess that's why the plants look a bit re-used. Have planted some new ones, and the old ones will be replaced asap.

Strawberries - we shared the first one last week

Salad - what a dependable veggie. So nice to always have fresh salad nearby, and this one seems to be surprisingly slug-resistant.

Cabbage. I nicked it a bit by accident with the roundup/gramoxone mix meant for the sinful nettles, so it looks like it has measels. I hope the roots are strong enough for it to survive - I already have the recipe ready which will end its life in the ground and send its cells into the bigger circle of life.

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